Pollen substitute – protein supplement for bees

Posted on Monday October 31st, 2016 · Posted in Bees, Hranirea albinelor

INSTANT inactivated beer yeast

Pollen substitute – protein supplement for bees

Product description:

Fodder yeast is composed of 100% beer yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) derived from the technological process of making beer. It is dried and inactivated with a specific technology. It takes the form of a light brown powder, with a sweet-bitter taste, with a yeast-specific smell and taste.



  1. AS SUCH – in spring, after the flight for cleaning, the yeast is placed in front of the hives, in wide-mouthed containers. It is carried out training at the hive entrance. The amount of yeast gathered can reach 200g/day/family.
  1. IN ENERGO-PROTEIN CAKES – mix 6 kg caster sugar with 1 kg yeast. Mix well, then add 2 kg honey. Mix all ingredients and correct the consistency by adding honey. It must be administered in spring, autumn and dry summers in the form of cakes of 200 g.
  1. IN SYRUP – max. 10% well mixed (1 kg yeast + 9 kg syrup). Administration is made after the end of ingathering and honey extraction. Prepare only the amount necessary for one administration. If the mixture is not consumed within 2-3 days, remove and clean the slush machines.


Technical parameters:


Protein                            40.0%

Max. humidity                     6.0%

Crude fat                                1.0%

Crude fibre                           2.0%

Max. ash                               4.0%




14 Minerals

16 Amino Acids

17 Vitamins



-It enhances the proper development of bee families, in order to achieve a maximum development at the beginning of the great ingathering in nature.

-In autumn it helps building the body fat.

-It stimulates bee families to restore their populations and to start more quickly.

-It stimulates potency.

-By replacing with beer yeast the pollen from unsafe sources it is limited the risk of diseases (foulbrood, nosemosis, chronic bee paralysis virus, etc.)


INSTANT inactivated beer yeast


A valuable ingredient in feeding the bees.
So as bee families to develop properly and achieve maximum development at the beginning of the great ingathering in nature, feeding with protein is more than necessary. It should be noted that such feeding is especially made because of the lack of bee bread in the hive. The inactivated beer yeast is the best substitute of pollen, providing both the necessary protein and a whole complex of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential and nonessential amino acids. All this is possible due to the special technological process of drying and instant inactivation of beer yeast, any other empirical method of drying resulting in the destruction of the molecules of yeast constituents, thus drastically reducing its quality.


Another great advantage is that by using inactivated beer yeast, we eliminate the risk of disease transmission. Feeding with protein generally takes place in autumn and spring, but it can also take place in summer, during the dry periods, when the pollen is missing from nature, because of its absence resulting a smaller number of eggs of mother bee and the weakening of bee families.


Feeding with protein helps building the body fat, stimulates bee families to restore their populations and to start more quickly. Without the protein intake, mother bee will not start making eggs, the young bees being unable to replace the old bees in time.